Update – Interview with the founder of Match&Fuse

We’ve only just introduced the organisation Match&Fuse to you. Now you can read a short interview with the founder Dave Morecroft here.

Can you describe Match&Fuse (M&F) in a short sentence?

A European network of innovative, original and daring music.

How did M&F start?

From the real need for a cultural import/export mechanism for European bands in and out of the UK playing ‘experimental’ or ‘weird’ music… As a musician, I also found it difficult to connect up the UK with the rest of the European scene. The festival grew out of a gap in the market in London – where people very rarely present unknown bands. M&F tries to be a platform for European bands to have a great ‘first gig’ in London and begin to build audiences, opportunities from there.

What is your view on the Brexit situation regarding the mission of M&F?
Pretty dreadful. Time will tell how it will affect us logistically, financially and all of that side of things, but to be honest, its a bit of a kick in the teeth emotionally. Brexit is directly contrary to the mission of M&F, and some of the effects it has already had have been horrifying to be honest in the sense of the media’s portrayal of certain nations. How can I look bands from Poland, Lithuania and Bulgaria in the eyes and welcome them to London if they come and play at Match&Fuse, if they know very well that the “majority” of the country does not regard them in a positive manner?

Furthermore, I am worried that it will have an affect on the allocation of European funding in other countries. For example, many other EU countries currently see London as a very “attractive prospect” and easy to reach and therefore allocate certain funds to allow the movement of culture to the UK. However, post-Brexit perhaps London/UK will be less of a priority than other cities, which would be terrible for M&F. We gain funding often from the “home territory” of our European bands through our European partners. Who knows how it will be affected?

Could you describe the use of technology by M&F?
I think there are loads of people utilising technology these days, but maybe what makes M&F stand out is the fact we have so many things going on; visual design elements, new bands, new collaborations, technology, live painting, seminars, workshops etc etc.. We really pack in lots of stuff considering we are a ‘small’ festival!

The Match&Fuse core-team: Daniela Gerstmann, Dave Morecroft, Debra Richards
The Match&Fuse core-team: Daniela Gerstmann, Dave Morecroft, Debra Richards

What is your vision for the future of M&F?
Well, we’re going to apply for the NPO (National Portfolio Organisation) Arts Council grant, which would allow us regular funding for 4 years from 2018-2022. I’d like to expand the European reach/partners more, to the east and south, and in the UK, we really want to reach areas outside of London – and continue our 50/50 gender split mission of programming.

What is it that M&F needs for the near future?
Funding, funding of course, and more funding! We also always need help with ‘in kind’ resources, such as free office space, promotional partnerships or discounts from companies for equipment, artist accommodation, flights etc. Oh, and more giant banners as we keep on losing them.

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