WUNDERDING was founded by Alexander Schlichter. He’s a biologist, science journalist and film maker.

Selection of his films:

  • “Black Box Brain” (ARTE 2008 / 53 min): On the brain and the foundations of our decision making
  • “STRANDBEESTEN” (2008 / Cinema): Portrait of the Dutch artist and scientist Theo Jansen
  • “DNA Cooking” (BR 2012 / 60 min): On the promises of the synthetic biology and the opportunities of the DIY-biology
  • “Toxic” (ARTE 2014 / 53min): How we deal with the poisonous materials on our planet
  • Nichts weniger als die Zukunft” (2015 / Cinema): Portrait of a city
  • “Schöne neue Landwirtschaft” (ZDF 2017 / 30 min): Genome editing and the future of agriculture

Sarah Houben is a biologist, translator and photographer, who is now venturing into the world of science journalism. After studying for a BSc in Biosciences, she completed a MSc in Biological Photography and Imaging and is currently working as a publishing assistant for Scientific Reports.