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PEAT – Mobile crop advisory app

Mobile crop advisory app for farmers, extension workers and gardeners around the world


The diagnosis of damages caused by fungi, viruses or insect pests is a challenge for gardeners or farmers. A fast and precise diagnosis of pests and infestations would enable them to take the right measures and to protect their harvest. In the future, it would hypothetically be possible to only use
pesticides after the pest has been diagnosed instead of having to use them preventively. This would be an economic advantage for farmers as they would need to spend less money on pest control. And the environment would benefit from the reduced use of chemicals.


The startup PEAT offer with PLANTIX an app which promises the automatic recognition of plant diseases and deficiency signs as well as detailed descriptions of the best countermeasures. The app is supposed to be able to recognise up to 180 plant diseases with the help of an image recognition program. Thanks to a machine learning approach, each uploaded image is supposed to help improve the diagnosis of the plant diseases. In addition to the automatic image recognition, the PLANTIX-inventors are also building a worldwide community which can ask the other app users for advice.


Simone Strey, Pierre Munzel, Robert Strey, Charlotte Schumann, Alexander Kennepohl, Bianca Kummer, Korbinian Hartberger


October 2015: Exist-Founder grant by the  BMWI (Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology): includes the salary of the 7 founding team members, coaching, founder consultation

December 2016: first round of financing (Seed financing). 7-digit amount, Lead investor: Atlantic Labs


Hannover, Germany


  • End of 2014: based on their experiences with the Carbio CIAL project, the founders develop the idea for an intelligent app which can recognise plant diseases
  • First half of 2015: Prototypes, tests
  • June 2015: Start of the app as “Gartenbank” (still without automatic recognition)
  • October 2015: Exist-Founder bursary for the team with 7 founders
  • November 2015: Founding UG
  • May 2016: Plantix app available in theAndroid app store – Beta- Version
  • 2016: 100 Plant diseases, database with 250,000 photos
  • December 2016: first round of financing, Seed Venture Capitalist Atlantic Labs


RÜBENBLATTSCAN App – developed by ZEPP (Zentralstelle der Länder für EDV-gestützte Entscheidungshilfenund Programme im Pflanzenschutz) and the seed manufacturer KWS. They have installed their recognition software in their digital advisory app Cultivent.

Other companies such as the BASF are also working on similar systems. The BASF system is called Maglis.

In addition to systems which use the mobile phone camera for the recognition of the disease,  there are also other technologies such as the technology used by the Swiss startup Gamaya. Gamaya uses hyperspectral cameras and recognises changed in the plants with the help of certain wavelengths.


Digital Green Thumb: How AI Helps Farmers Combat Plant Disease / NVIDIA Blog / December 13, 2016

Article about  PEAT EXIST-Gründerstipendium (Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology )

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