Back from Paris – Hello Tomorrow Conference

In 2015, for the start of WUNDERDING, we travelled to the “Hello Tomorrow” Conference -this year, we returned to Paris to meet startups, founders and scientists.

The biggest challenge at events with thousands of visitors, is to find the people with whom one would like to talk. Good preparation is important, not only for the startup which are wanting to meet investors. It is easy to get lost within the stream of humans, ideas, projects and inspirations. If I’m honest, I always need some time to orientate myself, before I can properly start with my work at such events. Maybe, someone has already written the guide “Conferences, Fairs and Tech-festival visits for advanced users”. If not, we should start thinking about doing so – notes or ideas are always welcome.

In light of this, we were happy to have met fascinating people within the giant crowd of visitors, and in the next weeks we will be publishing our conversations, amongst others with Eben Bayer, the founder of Ecovative Design. He produces a sustainable alternative for plastic packaging based on mycelium. Back in 2007, he already founded a company based in his university project and Eben’s story shows, what one has to do, to have a successful startup in the long run.

The competition and the cash prize of 100,000 Euro was won this year by the Social Enterprise Saathi from India, which produces compostable sanitary pads out of banana fibres.

You can find the organiser’s list of the winners of the different categories (Mobility, AI, Environment etc.) here.

And if you would like to learn more about the background and story behind the Hello Tomorrow Conference, you can read our interview with Guillaume Vandenesch, which we published in August.

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