It is the search for the perfect picture which drives me as a filmmaker, just like a surfer which swims out into the ocean each day, searching for the perfect wave. That flighting moment in which light, shadow and the subject form a whole in front of the lens, is a magical moment.

Bu it does not have to be an epic setting for this to happen, often these are the small, quiet moments: the smile of a protagonist after the last answer or the real, unstaged encounter of two people.  And true stories arise from these. Stories, which people share, which touch you, which reveal something, which are honest and courageous and that are worthy of being told.During the last 16 years, I have made films about the important scientific discoveries of our time, I have visited outstanding scientists, explorers and developers, have accompanied, explained and described their work. 

What I always remember, are those moments in which people share their personal stories, open up and give an insight into what drives them each morning. With WUNDERDING I would like to help you find and tell your story, whether as a film, article, photo, social media content or in a form that we develop in cooperation for you.

An example of my work which I would like to show you, is my cooperation with the Dutch explorer and artist Theo Jansen. We have been working together since 2003 and a result of our cooperation is the film “STRANDBEESTEN”.
This is what drives me to get up each morning, to accompany people like Theo, and I would be happy if I could go a part of your way with you.