WavveStream – Water Filtration nanotechnology

How to get clean water?

Potable water is becoming more critical to the health, safety, and well-being of the world’s population. Currently there are 3.4 million people dying each year from drinking contaminated water.

Work in the Lab Wavve Stream has developed a Graphene-based coating formulation with exceptional binding properties, applicable on a variety of current membrane filters in the water treatment industry. The coating significantly enhances the performance of existing filtration systems by effectively sequestering a broad variety of toxic chemicals, including heavy metals, organic compounds, radioactive ions, and viruses. The coated filters are able to inactivate microorganisms in water and yet be non-toxic to human cells. Wavve Streams filtering is a cost effective solution through an efficient simultaneous process.

Interview with Eric Beydoun, Founder WavveStream


Eric Beydoun, Ivette Rubio

NSF I-Corps Grant
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In June 2015 I met Eric Beydoun, CEO of WAVVE Stream in Paris at the Hello Tomorrow conference in Paris. WAVVE Stream is as startup based in Houston that has developed a Chitosan-based gel formulation with exceptional binding properties, applicable in a variety of current filter systems in the water treatment industry. Now more than seven months later I look forward to talking to Eric again to get some news about what happened.

Eric, what has happend since the “Hello Tomorrow” competition?
Eric: Last year in November we were accepted into the H2O Challenge 2015. The H20 Challenge is a global acceleration program designed by IE Business School and Impact Hub Madrid. The accelerator program took place in Madrid, Spain from November 23rd to December 4th. WAVVE Stream was announced as winner of the demo-day pitch and will be collaborating with Grupo Aguas de Valencia in a municipal pilot scale study. We are very excited for this grand opportunity for a global collaboration and are confident it will take us further in our path to commercialization. WUNDERDING: And in January you were invited to the RECESS Pitch Competition in Los Angeles. I asked you to take some videos during your visit to LA so we could share it here.

You won 1st place as well as The People’s Choice Award. What did you take home from Los Angeles?
Eric: We met a lot of potential investors, and for the first time, dove into the investor´s world to better understand what they seek, and what I should  do to be a potential target.

And now you are seeking strategic investors to invest $400,000 to move into the next phase of commercialization.
Eric: This step is crucial, we hope to get investment throught an SBIR NSF grant, but the ratio of success is so low, that preparing a seed investment is necessary. I have been preparing a lot of presentations, and networking as much as possible to get the word out.

And what are you doing in Milwaukee? Seems to be very cold there.

Eric: WAVVE Stream is currenty in the POW! program in Milwaukee. We were chosen as one of the three winning startups from the POW! National Competition. Veolia, who is the largest water company in the world, has partnered with the Water Council and the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) to assist these three water startup companies in developing their innovative solutions through POW! The POW! Program is a component of the BREW (Business. Research. Entrepreneurship. In Wisconsin.) Corporate Accelerator within the Water Council in Milwaukee, WI. In this program we have access to market data, pilot sites, and water experts. We also have an office in Veolia’s suite at the Global Water Center in Milwaukee where we leverage from their ecosystem and network with the other chosen water companies.

WUNDERDING: Thank you very much for the interview, Eric. In a few weeks we would like to publish another WUNDERDING story about WAVVE Stream. I wish you all the very best for your next steps.

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