To feel like a coral

VR-Simulation / Immersive Science Learning

Even if it rains more during the summer and if the rain barrells overflow more frequently, it is difficult for me to grasp what climate change means.
VR could be a solution for this. If you are the owner of a HTC Vive, you can download the simulation of coral reef here and experience the effects of coral death.
The simulation was developed in the Virtual Interaction Lab at the Stanford University.


Artikel Stanford-News, 18th October 2016: “Stanford researchers release virtual reality simulation that transports users to ocean of the future”

Smithsonian Magazine: How Virtual Reality Can Help Us Feel the Pain of Climate Change


“Immersive Science Learning in Virtual Reality – Jeremy Bailenso, director of the Stanford Virtual Human Interaction Lab”

Scientific article, what it means to feel like a cow or a coral in a VR Reality.

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