The best articles April 2017

Here are the three articles from April, which, from our point of view, you definitely shouldn’t miss. They are articles which, in our opinion, stand out amongst the other articles we introduced due to their content and the way in which they were written.

The Unbearable Weirdness of CRISPR – How the genome of a salt-loving microbe led to a world-changing technology / NAUTILUS /  Autorin:  Veronique Greenwood

This article tells the tale of Francisco Mojica, the man who first discovered, described and researched what we nowadays know as CRISPR. If you would like even more about the story of CRISPR than the article gives you, you can e.g. have a look at the timeline published by the Broad-Institute on CRISPR.

With Neuralink, Elon Musk Promises Human-to-Human Telepathy. Don’t Believe It. / MIT Technology Review / Autor: Antonio Regalado

A highly qualified antithesis to Elon Musk’s plans for developing a functional computer-brain-interface within the next ten years with the start-up Neuralink. Just because we can build electronic cars and rockets and Johnny Depp’s wife now has a girlfriend and many assets, you cannot simply push aside the problems and difficulties of scientific research.

Meet the man who makes facebooks machines think / BUZZFEED / Autor: Alex Kantrowitz

Portrait of Yann LeCun, the head of the Facebook AI department FAIR with an insight into facebook’s current AI research. What impresses me about this story of the scientists which have been looking at neuronal networks since the 80s, is how long they must have been keeping their faith in the results of this field, until they could experience this incredible hype, that is now surrounding Ai.

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