Startup Newsletter September 2017

We’re back from our summer break with WUNDERDING since the beginning of September.

The best STARTUP articles

If you’d like to learn more about why it is so complicated to hold one’s ground as in startup within the area Sustainable Energy, should definitely read the TechnologyReview article on the rise and fall of the battery startup Aquion.

Also in TechnologyReview – the very worthwhile coverage (with great images) of the startup Zipline, which delivers blood in remote areas in Afrika with the help of drones.

And even if this STAT article does not talk about a startup in the narrower sense, but about IBM’s AI plattform Watson, everyone who is interested in AI, should read this great article on the application of Watson in cancer therapy. After reading it, I had a rough idea how extremely tedious and complicated it will be to implement the promises of the numerous AI startups.

Why investors also give money to startups, whose scientific ideas are highly contentious, is explained in this article. The startup Homology Medicines promises gene editing without technologies such as CRISPR, merely steered by the use of viruses. They have collected $127 Mio, despite great scepticism in the specialist world.


WuXi NextCode / collects, sequences and analyses genetic information / $24 Millionen / VentureBeat / according to their website, WuXiNextCode arose amongst others from deCODE, which systematically scanned Island genetically.

Labster / offers laboratory simulations for students / $10 Millionen / VentureBeat

FiveAI / autonomous driving / $18 Millionen / VentureBeat

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