Solaga – Biogas with Cyanobacteria

How to become energy-self-sufficient with the help of bacteria?

There are only few possibilities for becoming energy-self-sufficient in your own house. First there is solar energy with solar thermal energy and solar power, however the problem of storing the heat or electricity still is unsolved. A different option, a normal biogas plant, is unfeasible at home because of the huge amounts of biomass you would have to acquire.

Solaga Structure Solaga has developed a technology, which enables the production of biogas using Cyanobacteria. By immobilizing them on a solar panel they function as a factory, consuming only the energy for staying alive whilst producing intermediates that are easily converted into biogas. Solaga uses Bacteria as molecular power stations.

Solaga in 2 Minutes: Johann Bauerfeind, Founder of Solaga

Solaga in detail


Johann Bauerfeind


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