Anna Positano – Architecture photography

Copyright Anna Positano

A city is like a complex organism which constantly reinvents itself, destroys itself and rebuilds itself. 
Rotating cranes are mere indicators of this constant process of redesign.
For us inhabitants of these organisms, it is a creeping process which is difficult to grasp but which is omnipresent. It doesn’t matter whether we live in a large city or a small town.
The office- and shopping complexes which shoot from the ground are the most visible signs of this change in large cities. In towns, the signs are the quickly proliferating housing developments of the suburbs.
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To feel like a coral

VR-Simulation / Immersive Science Learning

Even if it rains more during the summer and if the rain barrells overflow more frequently, it is difficult for me to grasp what climate change means.
VR could be a solution for this. If you are the owner of a HTC Vive, you can download the simulation of coral reef here and experience the effects of coral death.
The simulation was developed in the Virtual Interaction Lab at the Stanford University.


Artikel Stanford-News, 18th October 2016: “Stanford researchers release virtual reality simulation that transports users to ocean of the future”

Smithsonian Magazine: How Virtual Reality Can Help Us Feel the Pain of Climate Change


“Immersive Science Learning in Virtual Reality – Jeremy Bailenso, director of the Stanford Virtual Human Interaction Lab”

Scientific article, what it means to feel like a cow or a coral in a VR Reality.

Created by robots

The brickwork reminds me of the walls which I built for our expansion at home. Of course, this brickwork is much prettier and more regular, as it wasn’t built by humans but by a robot.
It was designed and implemented by Dr Philip F. Yuan’s architecture office Archi-Union in Shanghai.

You can find further articles and photos in the De Zeen Magazin.

Short portrait of the architecture office

The Hinterland: Cabins, Love Shacks and Other Hide-Outs

Copyright Gestalten

Getting away from everyday life – even if it only is for a short moment – sometimes it’s essential for survival.
I have the luck that my village borders directly onto a large forest and one hour there rebalances everything. However, how great would it be if we could linger in such a rebalancing space for longer, spend an hour in the rain, a night or a weekend.

This wonderful book introduces places like that as well as the humans which have made them. After reading this you will want to set off to the next DIY store in order to make your own personal hide-out

You can get the book here from Amazon:

UNIVERSUM Theo Jansen – Back home

I’ve been working with Theo Jansen for over 14 years now. In 2008 this cooperation resulted in the film “Strandbeesten”. Since then I have been trying to visit him regularly at the beach side.
Theo has exhibited his work worldwide with huge success – Japan, the US, Corea, Taiwan. With this exhibition, Theo Jansen goes back to his roots – the Prinsenhof will be showing his Strandbeesten in his hometown Delft.
This means a lot to him.

Date: November 16, 2016 – March 5, 2017
Museum Prinsenhof Delft
Sint Agathaplein 1
2611 HR Delft
+31(0)15 260 23 58
Exhibition Prinsenhof

A short film we made in 2014: