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BioCarbon Engineering – Automate industrial scale reforestation

Winner of Hello Tomorrow Challenge 2015

How to plant 1 billion trees at a time?

biocarbon_1Billions of trees disappears each year because of destruction of global forests and jungles, increases land usage for agriculture and urban expansion. This destruction at industrial scale is occuring much faster than reforestation because the current state of the art method is hand planting which is slow, labour intensive and expensive.

The principal mission of BioCarbon Engineering is to automate industrial scale reforestation. In order to accomplish this, BioCarbon Engineering is utilizing many technologies which have already been demonstrated in precision agriculture. This includes satellite and near earth remote sensing and the next generation of aerial robotics systems.

Interview with Susan Graham, BioCarbon Engineering

FACTS ABOUT BioCarbon Engineering

Lauren Fletcher, Matthew Ritchie, Martin Tengler, Irina Fedorenko, Susan Graham, Shuning Bian

Skoll Center for Social Entrepreneurship
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