Speaking Bots, Carne y Arena and a Summer break

Before we go into our summer break, we’d like to warmly recommend two last articles. One is on the VR installation “Carne y Arena” of the Mexican director Alejandro Iñárritu, who has made impressive movies such as The Revenant, Birdman and 21 Grams.

The second article describes how an artificial intelligence has developed its own language.

We’ll be back in August – amongst others with some interesting interviews from the Pioneers Festival in Vienna.

Until then – have a lovely sommer. And here are the tow articles:

Alejandro Iñárritu’s Carne y Arena proves that great virtual reality means going beyond the headset / The Verge / Autor: Bryan Bishop

A look at what VR can offer and what happens if an extraordinary director such as Iñárritu turns towards using VR.

An Artificial Intelligence Developed Its Own Non-Human Language / The Atlantic / Author: Adrienne LaFrance

Facebook’s chat bots have developed their own way of communicating, as is revealed in one of the latest reports by the Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research lab. The lab had been teaching the bots how to negotiate deals via machine learning  (which already is pretty impressive. Apparently the bots showed to be quite capable of doing this and even picked up the art of bluffing in order to get better deals) – and in the process the bots had started using their own language to negotiate with each other. Facebook intervened at this point and implemented a fixed supervised model so they could continue with their project in human language. However, this does give us a glimps into the possible future and scenarios such as in “Her” might have become just a bit less surreal.

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