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AI & Robotics Newsletter – not being afraid of superhuman AI and and insight into Google Maps and Twitter

And here are our AI & Robotics article recommendations of the week:

The AI Cargo Cult – The myth of a Superhuman AI / Backchannel / Autor: Kevin Kelly

Wired co-founder Kevin Kelly opposes the idea of a “Superhuman Artificial Intelligence” in five chapters. People who can’t sleep at night because a super intelligence will soon be ruling the world, should red this article.

An AI-Driven Genomics Company Is Turning to Drugs / MIT Technology Review / Autor: Will Knight

DeepGenomics and research on medication with the help of Ai.

Updating Google Maps with Deep Learning and Street View / Google

How Google’s Ground Truth Team can read street names and even the names of stores out of the Street View images. If you want to read the complete story of Google Maps, I can only recommend reading this Recode-Article. It is very funny, for example when Lars Rasmussen, founder of the map start-up Where2 Technologies (which was later bought by Google), says that back then no one believed in his idea of the Online Maps und used to tell him all the time that it would only be used by a few people a few times a week. Can you imagine your phone nowadays without Google Maps? Nowadays, this application is possibly as important as the actual use as a telephone for some people..

Using Deep Learning at Scale in Twitter’s Timelines / Twitter

If you want to know how the ranking of Twitter’s personal timeline and the “Incase you missed it” works.

Eric Schmidt visits MIT to discuss computing, artificial intelligence, and the future of technology / MIT News

If you have a spare hour, you can listen to Eric Schmidt’s talk. A bit longer than a TED-Talk but definitely worth hearing.

Teaching robots to teach other robots – CSAIL approach allows robots to learn a wider range of tasks using some basic knowledge and a single demo / MIT News

This MIT press release led to quite a few articles in Wired etc. and even if these are definitely worthwhile reading, I still believe that the MIT release gives the best explanation of the technology with which a robot can learn from another one.

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