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AI Newsletter 15 – Facebook, Facebook and once again FB

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In our video for the AI newsletter Facebook explains in simple, easy to understand and emotional way and why they conduct AI research. Even if I look at Facebook and its influence on out daily lives with a certain scepticism, I dare say that from a film maker’s view, the film is very well made.

And here the AI articles of the week:

1. Portrait of Yann LeCun, the head of the Facebook AI department FAIR with an insight into facebook’s current AI research. What impresses me about this story of the scientists which have been looking at neuronal networks since the 80s, is how long they must have been keeping their faith in the results of this field, until they could experience this incredible hype, that is now surrounding Ai.

Meet the man who makes facebooks machines think / BUZZFEED / Autor: Alex Kantrowitz

2. The next article also refers to Yann LeCun, this time with the topic of specific chips for AI. All large companyies (E.g. Google is building their own chip which they call the TPU, TensorProcessingUnit) are developing these specialised chips which can process AI tasks much quicker then conventional CPUs.

The Race To Build An AI Chip For Everything Just Got Real / Wired / Autor: 

3. And another article on Facebook (The Facebook Developer Conference took place mid-April, therefore the cluster of FB-articles). This time with the question what AI has to do with the selling of adverts –  the method with which Facebookmakes its billions of dollars.

Machine intelligence is the future of monetization for Facebook / TechCrunch / Autor:

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