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Adhesys Medical – Next Generation Surgical Adhesives

Winner of Falling Walls Venture 2015

How to stop severe bleeding within seconds?

Doctors use standard anastomotic closure techniques like staples, hemostats and suture for closing wounds and stopping leakage or bleeding, but there always is a high risk of infection.

AdhesiveAdhesys Medical has developed a product capable of both functioning as a hemostat and as a sealant inside the body. The adhesive is fully synthetic, non-toxic, biocompatible, biodegradable, strong, flexible and fast curing. To be used by surgeons, it seals wounds and stops bleeding within seconds. As it is hydrophilic, it can be used in a wet environment and seals wounds even faster.  It can be stored at room temperature and comes ready-to-use. The company says that there is no risk of infection and the costs are low compared to competitive offerings.
Adhesys Medical’s vision is to bring their wound sealant into every Emergency Room, Operating Room and soldier’s medical pack, as well as to save lives, radically enhance surgical procedures and improve patient comfort.

2 Minutes: Marius Rosenberg, CEO, about Adhesys Medical

Marius Rosenberg with more Details about Adhesys Medical.


Dr. Heike Heckroth, Prof. Dr. René Tolba, Prof. Dr. Malte Brettel and Marius Rosenberg

February 2014: the founders closed a 7-digit-seed‐investment-round with S‐UBG, KfW and a group of private investors.

April 2014: The company won the Rice Business Plan Competition, the world’s largest business plan competition, and a prize money of more than $500.000.

June 2015: Multi-million dollar investment round closed with the GOOSE Society of Texas, the OWLs Investment Partnership and The Greater Houston Partnership.

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