WUNDERDING = a German term for something unusual, astonishing.

WUNDERDING is a science magazine focusing on AI, VR and Genome Editing.
We are bringing a weekly newsletter to you with a compilation of the the most interesting and current articles from within AI, VR and Genome Editing. Each article is accompanied by a short summary, links for further reading and our the reason, why we think, it is worth reading.
We want to do this with care, experience and competence and we believe that humans can do that better than any algorithm or robot.
WUNDERDING is supported by the Robert-Bosch-Foundation.


WUNDERDING was founded by Alexander Schlichter. He is an entrepreneur and a scientific journalist. For more than 15 years he has been creating films on arts, science and the groundbreaking developments of our time:

  • “Black Box Brain” (ARTE 2008 / 53 min): The brain and the basics of how we make deciscions
  • “STRANDBEESTEN” (2008 / Cinema): Portrait of the Dutch artist und scientist Theo Jansen
  • “DNA Cooking” (BR 2012 / 60 min): The promises of synthetic biology and the possibilities of DIY-biology
  • “Toxic” (ARTE 2014 / 53min): How we handle the most poisonous substances on our planet
  • Nichts weniger als die Zukunft” (2015 / Cinema): Aerial Portray of a city

Sarah Houben is a biologist and translator, venturing into the world of scientific journalism. After a BSc in Biosciences, she has recently completed an MSc in Biological Photography and Imaging.

WUNDERDING is supported by the Robert-Bosch-Foundation.

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