09 – What is AI, why gene tests and when to expect the VR breakthrough

Within this letter, we present you three articles which question the hype around AI, gene tests and VR.

AI (artificial intelligence, robotics, autonom driving etc.)

Why are so many things that we label AI actually computer programs that e.g. can filter certain contents out of a large volume of data? Author Ian Bogost reflects on the alleged victory march of AI and the definition of AI.
‘Artificial Intelligence’ Has Become Meaningless / The Atlantic / Author: Ian Bogost

Further AI articles:
The AI start-up of the week:
  • The start-up Kindred AI is introduced in the MIT Technology review article “How a Human-Machine Mind-Meld Could Make Robots Smarter” . The start-up wants to train robots through human virtual reality-“pilots”. It already caused a stir last year, as, according to their patent specification, monkeys could also be used for training the robots. But maybe that merely was a clever PR move.

GEN (CRISPR, genome editing, personalised medicine etc.)

A DNA test, that wants to find out how patients react to pain medicaments, a company, that promises the future of personalised medicine through this, an ambitious CEO without a scientific background and doctors earning a lot of money with test, which at the end of the day probably don’t give any valid results. These are the ingredients for the story around the company Proove Biosciences.
‘It’s easy money: Lab offers doctors up to $144,000 a year to push dubious genetic tests, employees say / Statnews / Author: Charles Piller


VR is everywhere but the large hype hasn’t started yet. Matt McIlwain from the Madrona Venture Group in VentureBeatWhy writes why this is the case and which 8 lessons he learned from 1 year of VE
100 demos, 50 pitches, and a year with AR and VR: What we’ve learned / VentureBeat / Author: Matt McIlwain, Managing Director at Madrona Venture Group


Why it probably isn’t the best idea to bring founders and venture capital together in a public pitch.
Why we’re ditching Demo Days /TechCrunch / Author: Ross Baird, founder and executive director of  Village Capital

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